Profile assistant

Profile of the Congress attendees


  • Directors and Technicians of Industrial Security and Environment
  • Directors and Technicians of safety and occupational risk prevention
  • Directors, officers and employees, of installations and infrastructures
  • Production, Monitoring and Process Managers,
  • Directors and Technicians of R&D
  • Researchers on Security and Prevention
  • Technicians of Industrial Innovation
  • Technicians of Critical Infrastructures
  • Experts in industrial automation processes
  • Sensor, monitoring and RAMS systems Technicians
  • END Technicians, inspection, equipment certification and systems auditing
  • Experts on Industrial Computer Systems
  • Experts on Fire and Fire Protection
  • Experts on EPIs and Security Systems
  • Experts on RPAS systems and civil uses
  • Experts on Road Safety and Work Safety


  • Director of Corporate Security
  • IT Systems and Computer Security Directors
  • Physical security Managers
  • Experts on Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Responsible and Technicians in Emergency Management
  • Experts on Cybersecutity and ICT
  • Managers and technicians on Industrial Cybersecurity (Automation and SCADA systems)
  • Experts on Safety-Security integration in industrial areas, networks and transport infrastructures
  • Researchers in Security technologies and systems

Sectors profile of Congress attendees

  • Members of Science and Technology Network (R & D at National and European level)
  • Critical Infrastructures
  • Manufacturing and Petrochemical Sector (Industry 4.0)
  • Energy sector (nuclear power, electricity: production and distribution)
  • Smart Grids
  • Transport and Utilities Networks (Gas and Water)
  • Transport sector: Operators and Infrastructures)
  • Drones (RPAS)
  • Telecommunications and Software Sectors (ICT)
  • Engineering
  • Inspection and Certification, Auditing
  • Security Services Companies
  • Security Technologies Providers
  • Cybersecurity Services and Solutions Providers (and cyber-industrial)
  • External Prevention Services
  • Insurances
  • Technology Centre and Research Groups at Universities